Favorite Things: August 28th, 2016

Working from home means you binge watch a lot of TV...

Painted Canvas Rug by Cold Picnic: I can't decide if I want to use this beauty for it's intended purpose as a rug, or hang it on the wall as art instead.

Homesick New York Candle: Since moving to SF a few months ago I find myself missing literally everything about New York - the smells, the noise, the food. Luckily this candle smells much better than hot garbage in August, but it's true that nothing can really replicate those magical summer nights in NYC.

UPDATE: My amazing fiancé surprised me with one of these as a late birthday present. Great minds and all that!

"Ugly" Shoes: I love that chunky block heels and sensible mules are fashionable again. Between the rhinestone and the fur I'm pretty sure these Miu Miu babies came straight out of my elementary school princess dress up dreams!

Big 'Ol Earrings: Everything has been so dainty and minimal lately, it's nice to see big earrings have a moment again. These molded metal plate earrings from Céline are so heavy they have an extra piece that slides over the ear for additional support!

Pretty Little Liars: I want to say I'm ashamed this is on my list, but I'm not! I can't exactly explain why I'm so hooked on a show featuring a group of overly accessorized teenagers and their Nancy Drew-on-speed antics, but I can say that I've had a lot of thoughts while watching this show:

  1. Oh look, another oversized belt.
  2. If this were an episode of SVU that teacher would definitely be in jail.
  3. Damn, Laura Leighton still looks good.
  4. All that crime fighting and avoiding being murdered, and they still have time for homework!
  5. Why have these parents not moved their kids out of this town yet?
  6. That certainly is quite a look.
  7. 5 years later and they all have stable jobs and no student loan debt? Yeah, sure.
  8. Poor Hannah could use a good therapist.