Favorite Things: September 13th, 2016

The Fashion Week Edition. All viewed from the comfort and convenience of my couch, thankyouverymuch.

J. Crew Painted Chinos: Really, just this whole outfit. And not like I'm actually going pay the extra money for someone to paint on my chinos for me, but the next time I'm repainting a room I'll make sure to leave a few artistic drips here and there.

Ear Makeup and Chandeliers at Proenza Schouler: Can you exercise your ear lobes? It's worth trying because oversized earrings are here to give them a serious workout. And apparently ears are the new eyelids? Who knew.

Thom Browne's "Outfits": Pastels never looked so cool! And how convenient to wear an entire suit when it's actually a dress!

Casting Real, Pretty People at Rachel Comey: Not only does she intrinsically have that certain "thing" that most independent designers would kill for, but she also has the ability to flawlessly cast real-world people without it seeming like a gimmick. Bravo!